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Looking for professional roof cleaning services in Des Moines, Iowa? Then it’s time to get in touch with your friends at American Softwash! We’ll be happy to make your roof look its finest during the course of your appointment. This appointment doesn’t make use of full-out pressure washing—instead, we use a gentle soft washing process.  This process is the best option for washing a variety of different structures, and roofs are among them. (Don’t worry, as this method is just as effective as pressure washing, if not more. We wouldn’t name ourselves after soft washing if it weren’t!) Want us to help out with your dirty roof? If so, reach out to us and schedule an appointment with us today!

The team at American Softwash takes punctuality seriously, so expect us to be there right on time for your roof cleaning appointment. We’ll unload our ladders and our soft washing equipment before taking to the skies (or, more accurately, taking to your rooftop). Once we’ve made it up there, we may begin the roof cleaning process with a chemical pre-treatment. This step uses an environmentally friendly chemical to help weaken any debris that would otherwise cling to your roof. It’s especially helpful when we’re faced with moss, mold, or algae. After chemical pre-treatment, everything will wash away under the spray of our water with ease!

Best Roof Cleaning Services in Des Moines, Iowa

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Asphalt Roof Cleaning Service

Our asphalt roof cleaning is a helpful way to restore the original appearance of your asphalt roof if it’s been covered with layers of grime. Send us up there, and we’ll softwash away the filth and make the rooftop glow! If any debris doesn’t want to be washed away, we can tackle it with a chemical post-treatment.

Tile Roof Cleaning Service

Tile roofs are a classic addition to any home, so make sure yours looks its best with our tile roof cleaning. We know that tile roofs are often laid in a way where there are divots, gaps, and corners, so we’ll make sure those are cleaned just as well as the flat, upward-facing surfaces. It’s all in the name of making your tile roof impress the entire neighborhood.

Metal Roof Cleaning Service

Metal roof cleaning won’t stump our team of professionals! We’ll be able to wash away any of the debris we find up there, and that includes rust. We use a special rust removing agent when faced with jobs like this. That way, your metal roof can look less brown. Stay on top of rust and fight back with a helping hand from us!

Commercial Roof Cleaning Near Me

Local business owners and property managers ought to know that, yes, we provide commercial roof cleaning services! This is a great service to consider if you’re trying to sell a house on the real estate market. Houses that look nicer sell more easily, and that’s just common sense. Of course, it’s also worth your consideration if you’re trying to bring more customers into your business—like a hotel, for example. The concept of drawing in more business through having a cleaner property is called “curb appeal”, and it’s something your business will gain immediately  thanks to our roof soft washing services. It’s something that goes beyond your roof, too. Schedule our complete suite of commercial pressure washing services if you’re interested in drumming up as much business as possible!

Roof Washing Company in Des Moines, Iowa

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Frequently Asked Questions

Roof washing is hugely beneficial for not just your roof but for the entire property at large. Why? Debris can cause wear and tear to a roof. Wear and tear on a roof can cause roof damage. Roof damage can cause leaks. Leaks, of course, can cause you to want to tear your hair out!

Of course, we’ll remove plenty of dirt from your roof that the wind might have brought in. On top of this, though, we also remove organic substances, such as algae, moss, and mold, from rooftops. These can spread if left to their own devices, so leave it to us to stop them in their tracks.

Our team consists only of fully trained professionals. They climb up ladders carefully, move around the rooftop with caution, and never, ever horseplay. You can trust them to perform roof washing safely, and you can take extra comfort knowing that our business is fully insured, too.

Since the safety of our team is of utmost importance to us, if the weather doesn’t permit danger-free roof washing, we’ll need to postpone your appointment. This doesn’t happen often, but in the event that it does, we’ll provide you with your choice of a new appointment time and date.

Generally, two to three hours is enough for a standard house roof wash. However, larger roofs will necessitate longer appointment times. Looking for a time estimate for your project? If so, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to let you know just about how long your roof will take us.

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