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We’re the right Christmas lighting company for you! When the holiday season rolls around, count on us to install Christmas lights in a timely and professional manner.

Expert Christmas Lighting Services in Des Moines, Iowa

Is it time to schedule professional Christmas lighting services? When the holiday season approaches again, and that Christmas cheer begins to set in, you’ll feel the urge to put up Christmas lights not long afterwards. However, wouldn’t you like to have a decorated home without actually going through the process of decorating it? After all, installing Christmas lights can be a real pain, taking hours of your free time and maybe even risking your safety. (Think National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.) Instead of being the one to climb atop your house and string lights everywhere, leave it to American Softwash! While we are primarily a pressure washing company, we are happy to put up holiday lights for you, too. Using our lights and custom-fit techniques, we’ll expertly install your festive display, ensuring a flawless finish while guaranteeing your safety every step of the way.  We have lots of experience working safely while up high, especially because of our roof cleaning services, so you can leave it to us to put up your lights while remaining 100% safe all the while.

Where would you like us to install our Christmas lights? Around your doorframe? Along your rain gutters? Twisted around the posts that surround your porch? Just give us a general idea of what you’d like the house to look like, and we’ll make it happen. We can even help with additional decorating tasks, including putting up inflatables, hanging wreaths, and more. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your home is in the holiday spirit. Who knows? People might even slow down as they drive by just to take a closer look.

Christmas Lighting Services in Des Moines, Iowa

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Holiday Light Installation Service

Our holiday light installation services are a great offering when it’s about time for Christmas. Of course, we’re willing to hang up lights for you no matter which holiday is around the corner. Whatever the occasion, leave it to us to clip those lights in place and get them hooked up to electricity.

Hanging Christmas Lights on House

Hanging Christmas lights on houses is our specialty, so leave this tough project to us. We can clip the lights onto rain gutters, rooftops, doorframes, and other areas around your residence. That way, your home can be the most festive one in the neighborhood.

Hanging Tree Lights

Need someone to help you with hanging tree lights in your front yard? The team at American Soft Wash has you covered. We’ll unfold our ladders to make sure we can wrap lights around even the highest portions of the tree. Then, once the power comes on, your landscape’s holiday spirit will really come to life.

The Choice For Affordable Christmas Light Installation Des Moines, Iowa

Do we provide affordable Christmas light installation? It’s an important question to ask, especially since there are so many crews out there that provide similar services for high prices. Well, we’re happy to let you know that yes, we’d love to put up your holiday lights at an inexpensive rate. We are a locally owned business, and since we don’t have the same overhead costs that franchises do, we can get you set up with a price that’s well within your budget. There are no hidden fees involved with our Christmas light installation services, either!

Christmas Light Installation Des Moines, Iowa

What You Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Christmas might only be one day a year, but we are ready to help you with your light installation needs all year round. After all, Christmas isn’t the only reason you might want a crew to hang lights for you. House parties and similar events could come up, too.

This process involves plastic hooks and clips that can be added to surfaces around your house without causing any lasting damage. Have us come back and remove the lights later, and we’ll remove these hooks and clips for you, too.

Our team is trained to work carefully and exercise plenty of caution whether they’re installing lights around your porch or on your roof. That’s because safety is hardly a bad thing to prioritize. This attention to care helps us avoid nicking the surfaces around your property as well as preventing injury to our team members. American Softwash is also fully insured.

We’ll bring along three to five people when hanging up Christmas lights. You’ll find that this is a sufficient amount of workers to install those lights in a timely manner. “The more the merrier”, but at the same time, “too many cooks spoil the broth”. We’ll strike a happy medium.

It’s always possible that we have same-day or next-day appointment windows open. However, the only way you’ll find out for sure is by contacting us online or calling us at (515) 329-5157. We are open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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