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Leave it to a professional concrete cleaning company like us to wash your concrete surfaces! We are happy to serve both residential and commercial clients!

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Concrete surfaces will inevitably become dirty as time passes, and that’s exactly why our concrete cleaning services are so convenient. When you eventually decide to do something about the stains, marks, and debris on your concrete, it won’t have to involve any DIY work! Instead of purchasing a mountain of pressure washing equipment and figuring out how to use it, just schedule an appointment with American Softwash instead. We already have all the equipment we need to wash concrete, and we know how to use it too, of course! So why not give us a call? Dial (515) 329-5157, and we can start discussing your concrete surfaces and when you’d like to schedule service. Of course, you are also welcome to schedule an appointment by contacting us online. Either way, we look forward to seeing you soon!

When we arrive at your property, we’ll say hello, offer you a handshake if you’d like, and proceed to get started on the concrete cleaning project. In most cases, this begins with a sodium hypochlorite pre-treatment. But what is sodium hypochlorite? Well, it’s a harmless chemical that breaks down grime and kills organic growths such as moss, algae, and mold. By letting a layer of this substance sit on the concrete surface for five minutes, our pressure washing will be all the more effective. American Softwash is the surefire path to the cleanest concrete in Des Moines, Iowa, and we think you’ll like what you see at the end of your appointment!

Concrete Cleaning Services in Des Moines, Iowa

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Driveway Cleaning Service

Concrete driveways that are covered with oil stains and algae are hideous, but our driveway cleaning experts can make that ugly appearance go away. Hot, pressurized water is, in many cases, all it takes to get rid of oil, algae, and other forms of debris. We can also perform a special oil stain treatment to bust any marks that don’t want to go anywhere.

Patio Cleaning Service

If your concrete patio is covered with dark streaks and dirt, it might be time to schedule professional patio cleaning from American Softwash. Don’t worry, as we’ll be there right on time to help you. Leave it to us to remove the items from your patio, pressure wash the surface, and reposition the items faster than you can say “full-service cleaning”. 

Sidewalk Cleaning Service

Sidewalk cleaning might not be your idea of a fun day off, but we’re all about it here at American Softwash. Whether you need a small stretch of sidewalk cleaned or you need us to wash all the walkways around a sprawling shopping center, we’ll be happy to help! We’ll be sure to also pressure wash the curbs, as we don’t skimp on the details.

Safety Comes First During Concrete Washing Des Moines, Iowa

Concrete washing in Des Moines, Iowa requires highly pressurized water. Concrete can handle the strength of it, but the grime on your concrete can’t. However, it’s important that this pressurized water is used carefully. If sprayed on the wrong surfaces, it can cause lasting damage. As you can imagine, pressurized water can even cause injury, as it slices through skin like a hot knife through butter. Don’t worry, though—our team has a flawless track record. They wear protective gear for their safety, and they only pressure wash what needs to be pressure washed. No misfires. No accidents. We’re even fully insured to instill the fullest amount of confidence in you. You can rest easy scheduling service with us because we’ll provide you with a five-star customer experience with no “hiccups” included!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the aforementioned driveways, patios, and sidewalks, other concrete surfaces we can pressure wash include garages, walls, parking lots, pool decks, and more. Whatever you’ve got, if it’s made of concrete, it will be our pleasure to pressure clean it for you.

Pressure washing pumps, water filters, hoses, and hose tips are the bread and butter of any pressure washing appointment. There is also the sodium hypochlorite that we use to pre-treat your concrete surfaces. Don’t forget our protective gear, including eyewear, earplugs, gloves, and more!

If, for whatever reason, your concrete still isn’t clean by the end of your appointment, we can perform a chemical post-treatment for you. During post-treatment, we will let the sodium hypochlorite sit for much longer than five minutes, giving it plenty of time to really strike down any remaining debris.

We will never force you to pull out a chair and watch while we’re washing concrete. Since this process can take an hour or more, you are totally permitted to leave the area and run some errands if you’d prefer. We will contact you once we’ve finished our work for your convenience.

We are open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. In other words, we can be at your service, pressure cleaning your concrete, any day that isn’t Sunday! If you need an appointment as soon as possible, don’t wait to get in touch with us, as we’d love to hear from you.

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