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American Softwash is the #1 power washing company near you! When you have any sort of dirty surface, just give us a call, and we’ll be there to clean it in no time!

Professional Power Washing Near Me in Des Moines, Iowa

Not everyone is cut out for power washing services. After all, it’s difficult work! It requires a great deal of physical labor, meaning it can be a drain on your energy. It also necessitates the use of power washing equipment, which is not only expensive but tough to learn how to use, too. So what should you do? Buy all these tools, figure out how they function, and spend your time off power washing your own surfaces? Instead of putting yourself through all this hassle, contact the team at American Softwash instead. We are the go-to crew in Des Moines, Iowa, and we’d love to do all the work for you! Power washing is our forte, and we’re willing to clean whatever surfaces you’ve got for us—be they concrete, wood, metal, or anything else.

So, how does it work? It’s actually quite simple. First things first, schedule an appointment by contacting us online. We’ll make this part easy by just asking for some simple details about you, the project, and when you’d like our service. On your appointment day, we’ll be there on time, ready to work! You can just guide us to whatever you need us to wash, accept our upfront quote, and let us work our magic. Watch the miracle of power washing for yourself if you’d like. One stroke of our hose after another is all it takes to brighten your property’s surfaces. Of course, you can also head out and spend your time doing something else if you’d like. By booking services with American Softwash, you’ve reclaimed that time, so use it however you’d like!d

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HOUSE Power Washing Service

The outside walls of a home can become grimy as time progresses, but you can keep up with this natural buildup with our house power washing services. This is a process that is safe for houses of all kinds of materials. A few examples include stucco houses, brick houses, and wooden houses. The full list keeps going, however!

Concrete Power Washing Service

Need concrete power washing? We’ve got you covered at American Softwash. Before we wash concrete surfaces, we apply a layer of sodium hypochlorite, which helps weaken the grime and organic growths (moss and algae, e.g.) that might be present. After five minutes of this pre-treatment, we can leap directly into the power washing process!

Fence Power Washing Service

Yes, it would also be our honor to help you with fence power washing projects! We’ll wash each individual post or panel, ensuring that not even a speck of dirt is left behind. This is something we’re happy to do for residential and commercial clients alike. No stretch of fence is too long for us.

The Best Power Washing Company Near You

When it comes to choosing a power washing company in your area, why should you opt for American Softwash instead of one of our competitors? The long story short is that we go the extra mile to delight our customers since we’ve got to prove that we’re the best! While power washing at your property, we’re fast on our feet, always trying our hardest to save you the maximum amount of time. At the same time, though, we know working quickly doesn’t excuse lackluster results. With American Softwash, you’ll get to enjoy an appointment that’s both lightning-fast and satisfactory. Combine that with our low prices, and you’ll really like what we have to offer! Our prices are always made clear to you upfront, and there are never any hidden fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

American Softwash proudly provides power washing services to residential and commercial clients. As a result, there is a slew of different properties we can clean—including, but not limited to, houses, hotels, apartments, gas stations, warehouses, parking garages, and more. The sky’s the limit!

Sometimes, we will use chemical treatments during your power washing appointment. The way this works is simple. We will place a layer of the chemical down, allow it to fight any deep-seated grime, and wash it away a little bit later. This helps provide the best results (and appearance) for your property’s surfaces!

Power washing uses pressurized water, which is not a tool that should be taken lightly. We recognize the strength of this tool, and as such, we make sure we always wear protective gear and handle our hoses with care. We will never spray ourselves, or any inappropriate surfaces, during your appointment or our name isn’t American Softwash.

There is no “typical” power washing service, but we can provide general time estimates for different sorts of projects. A concrete patio cleaning might take one hour or so, while power washing the outsides of a house could take two to three hours. The larger the area you’d like us to wash, the more time you can expect the project to take us.

On top of our power washing, we also provide services that don’t involve power washing at all! For example, we stick to gentler methods, such as brushing, when we clean your rain gutters. The same goes for our window cleaning. We even provide Christmas light installations for our neighbors when the holiday season rolls around! 

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