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It’s time for you to schedule an appointment with the best pressure washing company near you. The name of that company, of course, is none other than American Softwash. 

Pressure Washing Services in Des Moines, Iowa

Looking for professional pressure washing services in your area? Well, it’s time for you to say hello to American Softwash. We are the pressure cleaning geniuses in Des Moines, Iowa, and surrounding areas, and when it comes to serving our neighbors, you better believe we always put our best foot forward! Not only that, but we put our best equipment forward, too. Our pressure washing gear is top of the line—from our pumps and filters to our hoses and hose tips—so you can count on us to bring the best shine from all your surfaces. On top of this, our team surpasses all your expectations, too! We only employ the most hardworking folks to be a part of our pressure washing family, and you’ll be able to see that for yourself on your appointment day. Watch for yourself as they turn your dirty, unwashed surfaces into bright and shiny masterpieces!

The reason pressure washing is so effective is because of the sheer force of pressurized water. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to carve away grime and bring back the original clean appearance of a surface. At the same time, though, pressurized water has destructive potential if used incorrectly. Because of this, we’ll always exercise caution when handling our equipment. We aren’t “trigger-happy” when pressure washing, and we make sure to only spray what needs to be sprayed. Not your windows, and not our toes, either. Leave it to us to avoid all damage and injury. We’re backed by insurance, too, to maximize your confidence in us!

Pressure Washing Services in Des Moines, Iowa

What We Do Best

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HOUSE Pressure Washing Service

House pressure washing is one of our most popular services! After all, there is no shortage of people who want the exteriors of their homes brightened up. We are more than happy to pressure wash houses of many different varieties for you—consider, for example, stucco houses, brick houses, wooden houses, and more!

ROOF Pressure Washing Service

With our roof pressure washing, you’ll be able to clear all that pesky debris off your roof. Generally, we begin a roof wash appointment with a chemical pre-treatment. So, just give us five minutes to perform this step, and you’ll find that the wash process itself is so much simpler. Roofs that have been treated lose the grime a lot more easily!

PATIO Pressure Washing Service

A patio that’s covered with grime is hardly a welcoming space, so why not book patio pressure washing with us? We’ll be able to haul off any items on your patio before cleaning it for you. Watch in amazement as your patio brightens by several shades. Once we’re done, we’ll reassemble your patio, restoring any items to their original arrangement.

Save Time and Money With Our Pressure Cleaning Services

When you choose American Softwash, you’re choosing one of the most affordable pressure cleaning services available in Des Moines, Iowa. That alone is worth celebrating, but please be sure to note that, in addition to being affordable, we’re also fast and hardworking. That’s right. Our competitors make you choose between saving time and money or getting good results, but we give it all to you! Don’t believe us? Check out our many five-star reviews. You’ll realize pretty quickly that your neighbors have lots of good things to say about us. Could you be the next person to leave us glowing feedback?

Pressure Cleaning Services in Des Moines, Iowa

What You Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all surfaces can be pressure washed! For example, soft materials (plastic, vinyl, etc.) and materials that are thin (rain gutters, e.g.) won’t be able to hold up when pressure washed. To ensure that we don’t accidentally cause damage to them, we use low pressure water on these surfaces instead.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that pressure washing can make any surface or property look better. On top of this, though, pressure washing can also clear out harmful debris, including growths such as moss, algae, and mold. Don’t want these to spread around? Then schedule pressure washing with us!

Why not try annual pressure washing? Booking an appointment once a year is a reasonable way to keep up with the inevitable build-up of dirt and grime. That way, you can keep your property looking nice and fresh all twelve months of the year.

It would be an enormous waste of your time if you were forced to just stand there and watch during the entire length of your appointment. To make sure you get some additional freedom, you’re welcome to take off and go while we work. That way, you can do whatever you’d like during that time!

We are open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The only day of the week we can’t help you is Sunday. This means that we have lots of availability open, so why not go ahead and schedule an appointment with us? Contact us online to get started!

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