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Our pressure washing experts are here to help you and take care of your home/business! It’s inevitable that your property’s surfaces will eventually build up layers of grime, suffocating beauty and putting forth a less-than-ideal appearance. At American Softwash, we are committed to fighting back against this filth so that your property can go back to its normal beautiful self. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers—that’s why we will work thoroughly to remove all dirt and debris from your surfaces in a quick and timely manner. You’ll be smiling by the end of your appointment or our name isn’t American Softwash!

Allow us to lend you a hand wherever you are in the Des Moines area. We’re happy to provide you with our pressure washing expertise so you can save hours of your personal time. To schedule an appointment, just click one of the two buttons below.

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During your pressure washing appointment, we will go above and beyond in many ways so that you can have the best experience possible. Here are just a few examples of how we strive for your complete satisfaction.

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At American Softwash, we pressure wash more surfaces than you can possibly imagine. Concrete driveways, asphalt walkways, wooden panels, vinyl siding, and plastic fences are some of the many examples. We’ll always use the correct water pressure depending on how soft/durable the material we’re washing is.

Of course, this depends on how much area you’re having us pressure wash. Cleaning a small stretch of sidewalk could take less than an hour, and washing the whole exterior of a sprawling apartment complex might take a day. We never take more time than necessary, though. After all, it’s our goal to save time for you, not waste it!

We do more than just pressure washing, of course. Looking for other services? Why not check out our roof cleaning services, window cleaning services, or gutter cleaning services? None of these actually involve the use of pressurized water and instead are performed using soft washing and/or brushing.

The only day we take off is Sunday. You’ll find that our doors are open Monday through Saturday, and on those days, we are open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Just contact us online to schedule an appointment without even leaving our site! You’ll find that this process is so simple that it only takes a few minutes to complete. On the other hand, you are certainly welcome to call us at (515) 329-5157.

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